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Are you in silent pain looking for someone to help you through it all? I’m here for you!

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Be a better emotionally intelligent person. Help the younger generations.

Boost your new YOU

Nothing better than investing on your personal growth. Nothing can stop you from improving.

Body Language secrets

The best way to understand others. If you don’t talk your body will.

Hello! I’m Dr. Khazen

Licensed Hypnotherapist

Within the years, I have played so many roles- Husband , son, father ….Physical therapists, manager, student , teacher… speaker, author, employee and self-employed.
Always seeking to become a better me, to have some great achievements, and help others, doing it with my heart. I do believe that kindness leads to kindness. Anger to anger. Love leads to love. Every greatness comes from inside and expressed at anytime.
My current passion is making higher awareness easily accessible to everyone adding to it a healthy body (physical and mental). Adding to it all my knowledge in physical therapy rehabilitation to help you heal in a holistic approach. I believe this is the highest service I can provide to the world and to you.

My Mission

  • To help as many people as possible
  • Learn and embody amazing teachings to raise awareness,
  • Deliver the message in as clear & helpful manner as I can,
  • Physical therapy as a body, mind and spirit approach to cure a human entity not a shoulder or hip.
  • Find a cure for the physical body that will help you cure your mind and spirit.

All of the courses are accredited and you will receive a certifcate upon completion which will allow you to practice it.

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