In situations like the pandemic when we must respect social distancing. How can we take advantage of the benefits of hypnosis (hypnotherapy or hypno coaching)?

Fears and anxieties linked to the disease as well as to the consequences of the economic slowdown are increasingly present. Not to mention those who are affected, directly or in their entourage, by the disease.

And hypnosis is particularly useful in allaying these fears and anxieties. As well as many psychological difficulties, so how do you continue to consult in hypnosis?

So is an online session, via Skype, Zoom, or any other internet video conferencing solution (Facetime, Hangout, like other professional solutions). As effective as an office session? We then speak of tele hypnosis: they are quite simply online consultations.

Remember that hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness. The effectiveness of hypnosis lies in the interaction with the client’s subconscious. The practitioner only offers suggestions to the unconscious, and he accompanies it to find “its own” solution. The best for the client. And to change this state of consciousness, to enter a hypnotic state. The key element is the trust and the quality of the bond between the client and his practitioner.

Advantages of the office session:

The relationship with the practitioner is more natural, and it is sometimes easier to develop a relationship of trust visually, face to face,

The vision is global (from head to toe),

You can interact with the environment of the practice (paintings, objects, lighting, view through the window, etc.),

We can do the session standing, or in motion (which is often very useful).

In summary, the in-office session is more natural for the client and offers more possibilities for the practitioner.

Advantages of the online session (Skype, Zoom, videoconference):

No longer having to go to the office,

Safety from an epidemiological point of view,

Ease and flexibility of organization,

Comfort (cocooning at home) which can also be reassuring.

In summary, the Skype session is more flexible and particularly secure in these times of epidemic.

We see that while the in-office session has undeniable advantages, so does the online session.

How to do an effective hypnosis session online?

There are many ways that online sitting can become a great alternative to in-office sitting. First of all, the practitioner must do an important job of adapting the approach and the techniques used. Because with the voice and the image (even if we don’t see the whole body) we can already do a lot of things. In fact, we have everything we need to activate the client’s imagination, and thus allow him to enter into hypnosis.

Keep in mind that most of the time (but not necessarily every time) part of the session is done with your eyes closed. It is then the voice of the practitioner who guides the client. The client also responds by voice, and also by micro-movements of the body that allow the practitioner to tailor his support specifically for each client.

From a practical point of view, your practitioner will either send you a link to click to connect by videoconference (such as with Zoom for example), or you will share your credentials to call you (Skype, Facetime, or other).

If it can sometimes happen that the connection becomes worse during the session, or even sometimes that it is cut, your practitioner will know how to ensure that this does not affect the quality of the session, nor on the hypnosis.

Obviously, the practitioner will verify that the client has emerged from hypnosis before concluding the online session.

To do an effective online hypnosis session, your practitioner must therefore prepare and adapt his practice to the context of videoconferencing.

There are also some good practices to be followed by the client so that the session goes as well as possible (see our recommendations).

Also note that online sessions are paid in advance.

In conclusion :

While the in-office hypnosis session is ideal, we have seen that the online session (by Skype, Zoom, or videoconference) is also very useful, especially in these times of pandemic.

By choosing a practitioner who is comfortable with online sessions, and by preparing for your session (see our recommendations), then you can benefit from an effective hypnosis session.