7th path® Self Hypnosis

Learn self-hypnosis for Personal Healing, It can help you with Anxiety, Stress and much more

What you’ll learn

  • Know a number of different ways to do self hypnosis
  • Use it for personal development
  • Use it for overcoming problems
  • Understand what it is
  • Know different benefits of using it

Who this course is for

  • This course is for people interested in learning about self hypnosis for personal development
  • This course is for people interested in learning about self hypnosis for overcoming problems
  • This course is for people with no prior knowledge of this tecnique
  • This course is for counsellors and therapists that want to add self hypnosis to their toolbox of things they can use with clients


  • This course is about self hypnosis and how it can be used to help with personal development and how self hypnosis can be used for overcoming problems.
  • This course is for those interested in personal development and interested in accessing and reprogramming their own mind.
  • This course can be completed in about 8 hours, but you may well take longer as you practice with the different self hypnosis processes and explore what works best for you.
  • This course is structured to take you through:
  • What it is
  • Uses of self hypnosis
  • How it can be integrated into daily basis life style
  • How to develop your own inductions
  • How to re-induce hypnosis and set up self hypnosis triggers

Course Content

1- Introduction ( 30min)
Welcome everyone and introducing ourselves. How do we live in continuously in the state of hypnosis in our daily life.

2- The truth about Hypnosis (1hour)
What is truly hypnosis and how our mind works with hypnosis. Taking away the misconceptions that you may have.

3- Group Demo and on volunteer (1 hour)
Practical support that will help you to be ready to heal yourself from your personal blockages.

4- The different levels of the mind and why the feelings are good.(1h30min)
Putting together all the emotions that we know, and understanding there necessity and role in daily life.
Knowing the emotions, you will be aware of how your mind works and how to deal with triggering feelings.

5- 7th Path Self Hypnosis ®; use of Recognitions (45 min)
One of kind technique, divided in recognitions.
This part of the course will explain the different recognitions and there role in self-healing.

6- Practice and coaching (2 hours)
You will have enough time to practice and ask questions about your emotions and how to cure everyone.

7- Summary and Graduation (30 min)
Opening a new self-development horizon, a never-ending knowledge.

Course Duration  : 10 hours
Language : English , French and Arabic
Assessment : Self
Categories : Self development

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