This course is about Pro Active Parenting and how emotional intelligent parenting can be used to have a better environment in a family.
This course is for those interested in personal development and interested in accessing and reprogramming their own mind and their child’s one.
The Pro Active Parenting course can be completed in about 16 hours, but you may well take longer as you practice with the different processes and explore what works best for you.
The Pro Active Parenting course is structured to take you through:
►Understand the power of your words and actions
►Understand yourself, your own beliefs and habits, and learn ways to control them
►Understand that your role as a parent is to allow your children to live their lives
►Discover your child objectively
►Learn to focus on the useful
►Learn ways to reinforce positive suggestions
►Learn a simple technique of letting go
►Understand how your mind works
►Learn to appreciate how your child’s mind works
►Discover the power of “being ok”
►and much more…