Our Prices


1 Session

Most issues and topics can usually be significantly reduced or resolved within one session.

These can include everything from wanting to stop fear of spiders, fear of waves, anger towards someone in present or past, unwanted emotional patterns, bad temper, breaking negative financial habits, fear of public speaking, moving forward from a past relationship, overcoming shyness, and more.

To ensure you only need one session, please come relaxed.

150 000 LBP

Duration: 1 hour and a half


5 Sessions on same topic

Best for: Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Relationships & Abundance blocks, PTSD

To properly and fully overcome a topic, several sessions are ideal.  Each session allows deeper clearing and harmonizing of yourself, and provides more profound insight and healing.  Generally, each session allows the clients to approach the issue in a more refined and focused manner.

As these topics can have several root causes and can be more complex, they are the most popular topics for this package.  Sessions are spaced approximately 1 week apart over the span of 5 weeks (though this may vary depending your topic and process)

Other popular topics for this package include low self-confidence, eating disorders & insomnia.

Price is reduced in an effort to encourage you to fully overcome your issue.

650 000 LBP


First session is 1.5 to 2 hours

The rest are generally 1 hour and a half


4 Sessions on different topics

Each session focuses on a different topic  to be resolved.  This is most popular for individuals who know the list of issues, discomforts, and triggers that they would like to overcome, aware of the blocks that have, want to look at the metaphysical causes of a physical alignement, and/or are on the path of transformation.

480 000 LBP


1 hour and a half for each session