Helping accomplished professionals remove the stress from their success so they can aim higher and achieve more.

What if work became so enjoyable that it felt like play?

Imagine waking up before your alarm because you are excited about Monday morning.
Imagine oozing so much confidence and passion, that clients and colleagues cannot help but hang on to your every word.
Imagine becoming endlessly creative.
Imagine being unable to be overwhelmed.
Imagine awards, recognitions and promotions chasing after you.
Imagine returning to your family with more energy than you started the day with.
And the best part? Doing it without much effort at all.

I’m right for you if you ?

  • Really want a coach and are not just being pressured to get one.
  • Are prepared to be vulnerable.
  • Actually want to make a change.
  • Dare to tell the truth about the real you, not the you that you are pretending to be.
  • Are willing to get uncomfortable to get what you want.
  • Are ready to hear things that nobody else would dare to tell you.
  • Are willing to be challenged.
  • Are ready to uncover your blind spots.
  • Are willing to invest your time and energy into growing in all areas of your life.

How I work

I offer private one-to-one coaching on aspects of life and leadership. Sessions are offered remotely.
Coaching packages are bespoke and designed according to your unique needs.
Packages run for a minimum of about 6 months.
In addition to the specific areas of your choosing, every package also includes the following:

  • Pre and post assessments of stress.
  • An attitudinal assessment.
  • A values assessment.
  • Unlimited access to me between sessions.

Packages start at 2000 USD all coaching is currently offered remotely.

Some areas that we are able to work on include:

Stress Management


Emotional Intelligence

Dynamic Communication



Problem Solving

Influencing Others



Time Management


Ready to Get Started?

Kindly provide the following information and I’ll take it from there.