Holistic Pain Practitioner

Finally, a solution for the rehabilitation of Chronic Pain


This is course is a complete understanding of the PAIN issues and a healing material, to help yourself first and help everyone that have chronic pain.

It is a 3 modules courses that will elaborate for the first module your ability to understand the emotions under the pain.

The Second module will give you tool to heal from chronic pain and to heal others if needed.

The Third module will be more dedicated to how your body react to and emotion and how it can be decoded biologically.

What you’ll learn

  • Break the cycle of suffering in chronic pain by addressing the psychological causes

  • Use CBT and mindfulness for the treatment of many chronic pain syndromes, including chronic spinal pain, osteoarthritis, CRPS, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and more…

  • Help patients increase psychological flexibility, which allows them to experience less fear, avoidance, and pain-related anxiety

  • Improve patient satisfaction and functional outcomes

  • Help patients choose a valued direction, take action and re-engage with life – even when their pain doesn’t objectively change!


  • This course is about how emotional intelligent can be used to have a better environment and embracing Pain.

  • This course is for those interested in personal development and interested in accessing and reprogramming their own mind and

  • The HPP course can be completed in about 80hours, but you may well take longer as you practice with the different processes and explore what works best for you.

HOLISTIC PAIN PRACTITIONER® course is structured to take you through:

  • Understand the power of your words and actions
  • Understand yourself, your own beliefs and habits, and learn ways to control them
  • Understand what chronic pain is
  • Discover CBT for Pain and Mindfulness role in healing the pain
  • Learn to focus on the useful
  • Learn ways to reinforce positive suggestions
  • Learn a simple technique of letting go
  • Understand how your mind works
  • and much more…

Course Content

Module 1 ( 30 hours)

  • Understanding emotions
  • Understanding others personality and emotions
  • Elaborating the emotional intelligence as a life change

Module 2 ( 30 hours)

  • Mindfulness based for chronic pain management
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for Chronic Pain

Module 3 ( 20 hours)

  • Physiological decoding of pain in the neurological and muscular system

Course Duration  : 80 hours
Language : English and French
Assessment : Examen after each module
Categories : Alternative Therapies

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